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Barbershopper of the Year

The Barbershopper of the Year Award is given to the man who has contributed the most to the chorus.

2019 Shaun Ressler

2018 Paul Stober

2017 Roger Howard

2016 Bud Hart

2015 Rick Ashby

2014 David Fyock

2013 Jim Herrick

2012 Scott Sener

2011 Paul Stober

2010 Ken Fagerheim

2009 Jerry Schwebel

2008 John Zimmerman

2007 Bud Hart

2006 Russ Lausch

2005 Jim Herrick

2004 John Zimmerman

2003 Don Grason

2002 Gene Baker

2001 Steve Sturgis

2000 Bob Gates

1999 Don Shellenberger

1998 Al Levine

1997 Don Grason

1996 Russ Lausch

1995 Bob Trowbridge

1994 John Zimmerman

1993 Jim Yarnell

1992 Bill Gable

1991 Tom Peck

1990 Ed Ludwig

1989 Dick Johnstone

1988 Harold McCampbell

1987 Charlie Sherts

1986 Dick Eck

1985 Don Madsen & Dean Kahl

1984 Gene Campbell & Ted Loser

1983 Harold Nightingale

1982 Bob Schelhamer

1981 Dick Ashby & Cy Greenya

1980 Will Brubaker

1979 Rick Ashby

1978 Tony Black

1977 Bob Erdman

1976 Lee Davis

1975 Charlie Shenk

1974 Ray Miller

1973 Bill Schwebel

1972 Bob Hull

1971 Jerry Roland

1970 Chuck Williams

Gerry Roland Award

The Gerry Roland Memorial Award is the most honored award given to a member who shows exceptional contribution to the chapter.

2016 Rick Ashby

2008 Merritt Auman

2001 Russ Lausch

2000 Tom Peck

1999 Gar Tough

The recipient of this award:

Is an active member of the Red Rose Chapter, has been involved in management and sings in a registered quartet

Is involved in the production or coordination of a major singing performance of the Red Rose Chapter

Has participated in activities or committees at the division or district level

Has superior attendance at rehearsals, performances, and competitions involving the chapter