Quartet Competition Tops Off WVRC Men’s Expo

Posted on August 9, 2012 · Posted in News

Six quartets, four of them ad hoc, er…pick-up, provided an afternoon of entertainment at the Willow Valley Retirement Community. As part of the WVRC Men’s Expo, the Red Rose Chorus participated in a competition from 2 to 4PM. Break from Blue Collar eventually came away with first place with their performance of Put Your Head on my Should and Sold. The comic stylings of Close Shave proved Good Enough for second place.

Break from Blue Collar

On YouTube at http://youtu.be/0IqsT1RAZ0Q

Coffee Break

On YouTube at http://youtu.be/yr6zILzZnVY

Lighthouse Gang

On YouTube at http://youtu.be/hIOS_znXUHE

Speed Bumps

On YouTube at http://youtu.be/YtkluJC-D5E


On YouTube at http://youtu.be/ghSZEWkL3Ek

Close Shave

On YouTube at http://youtu.be/_5YRH4hEJuE