New Chorus Goals & Programs

Posted on August 26, 2015 · Posted in News

by Lori Jo Whitehaus

goalsHere we go, men! Just two weeks ago we established new chapter goals that include Improved Singing, Regular Coaching, and Great Shows. The chapter leadership has assembled a three-pronged approach to achieving those goals and the details were approved by the Board at last night’s meeting.

1. Year-Round Coaching. We will start working with Brian Schreiner and Sean Devine on a regular basis all year (not just for contest). This completely matches my philosophy regarding coaching! We are fortunate to have qualify coaches in our local area and we would be silly to not take advantage of their skills and expertise. Brian will be with us in September and Sean in October to help our fall Cabaret be the best ever. This will continue into 2016 in preparation for the show at Dutch Apple. Their instruction and advice will provide us with even more education as singers.

2. Quartet Fun. A quartet fun activity is planned for each rehearsal when there is not a coach. Last night, we started with a quartet wheel. Next week we will have a drawing for names. The following week we will have push-out quartets. This is not only fun but also keeps all of us on our toes with the notes and words of our repertoire songs.

3. Quality Assurance Program. We will start next week with our own peer-evaluated quality assurance program for the notes and words of the songs. The full details are outlined here.

For the fall Cabaret, only 5 songs will go through this program. Those 5 will be:
God Bless America
America the Beautiful
You Belong to Me, and our two new songs:
Blue Velvet
Bye Bye Love.

One big question we had was, “What is the consequence if a singer doesn’t get 100% on the notes and words”? The answer is that we will help singers to get those notes and words right so that the singer DOES pass. There are no consequences for the individuals. However, the song itself will not be sung in public until 80% of the active membership qualifies on that song.

The upcoming rehearsal schedule (posted here and emailed weekly) details which songs will be sung at each rehearsal, when the coaches will be on site, and which songs are in the rotation for section rehearsals and for qualifying times.

Please be sure to bring your music for all of the show songs to all rehearsals along with a pencil. You will need this to start qualifying.

If you cannot create your own learning CD from the mp3 files on the website, contact Paul and request his assistance.

I am very excited for this new program. It is set as a trial from now through the show with evaluation after the show for effectiveness. If it works, we’ll keep this going for the Dutch Apple show. If not, we’ll create other activities to achieve the same goals.