Girls, We Love ’em Spring Show

Posted on May 4, 2015 · Posted in News

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Whether they are large or small, short or tall, young or old, shy or bold, blonde or brunette, country or town we looooove to sing about Girls!

Sometimes they tease us, and sometimes they please us. They often mystify us and sometimes aggravate us.

We can seldom figure them out, but that’s part of their charm. Trying to decode how our gals think is one of the sweeter challenges of being a man.

But no matter . . . we are always fascinated by the Girls!

That’s just what the Red Rose Chorus did on Sunday, May third at the Lancaster Farm & Home Center in Lancaster, PA. The show included many of the chorus’ favorite songs including two new numbers, You Belong to Me and Sweet Caroline.

A number of chapter quartets also performed including “3 Dads and a Lad“, “Sum of Each“, “Lazy Daze” and “4PM Curfew“. They were  joined by perennial favorite “Razzmatazz” and the current Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Champs, “Last Men Standing.”

Some pictures from the afterglow:

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