REMINDER - Beginning on January 10th, rehearsals begin at 7:30PM - See you then!


Red Rose And Red Rose City Choruses sing Harmony

Barbershop Harmony Society SealThe Barbershop Harmony Society is devoted to promoting, preserving, and enjoying a special form of harmony known as barbershop. But what makes a particular song or arrangement “barbershop-able”? What’s the difference between barbershop and doo-wop, jazz, madrigal, and other a cappella music?

Technically speaking, barbershop harmony is a style of unaccompanied singing with three voices harmonizing to the melody. The lead usually sings the melody, with the tenor harmonizing above the lead. The bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes and the baritone provides in-between notes, either above or below the lead to make chords (specifically, dominant-type or “barbershop” sevenths) that give barbershop its distinctive, “full” sound.

We have been sharing the joys of music in Lancaster county since 1949. We want to share our music with you and our excitement in being a part of this growing and historic organization. We encourage you to participate with us in any number of ways.

Come and listen to us rehearse or, if you’re a singer, join us on Tuesday nights. Watch this website for our performances so that you can plan to come to one or more of them. Reserve a Singing Valentine for that special someone. Or hire the chorus or one of our quartets for your next event. We look forward to seeing you on our stage or in our audience very soon!